As a fully accredited Vetsure practice we are able to offer our clients an exclusive offer with Vetsure Pet Insurance - 5 weeks cover free of charge*.  In order to benefit from this offer, you can follow the link on our website or pop into our practice and we will arrange for Vetsure to contact you and put your cover in place today!

At the point of contact Vetsure will help you understand the different levels of cover available. Whatever level of cover you choose, Vetsure will then give you the first 5 weeks free of charge.  You can cancel at any time during this period without obligation.  At the end of the 5 week period (provided you have not chosen to cancel) Vetsure will collect your first monthly instalment – this way, your pet will not have any potential ‘gaps’ in cover.

For more information call the Vetsure team on: 0800 050 2022 or visit our vetsure page HERE to learn more about the policies on offer.

*Terms and conditions apply – visit vetsure.com for details on cover available.


As well as our FREE 6 monthly general health checks we offer a wide range of FREE nurse appointments to help both you and your pets at different stages of their life.

Made at your convenience for endless support and advice.

Below are the main clinics we offer and highly recommend.

We look forward to seeing you!



b2ap3_thumbnail_Development-clinic.jpgDevelopment clinics (for under 12 months)

We are now offering Development clinics for your growing pets! Clinics will be held by a member of the nursing team and are completely FREE of charge! We will give you all the advice you need for your new addition such as behaviour and training tips, exercise, diet recommendations, neutering, preventative dental care, flea and worming treatments, micro-chipping and much more!



Dental Clinics

We are now offering Dental Clinics! Clinics will be held by a member of the nursing team and are completely FREE of charge! On average us humans have a Dental check up every 6 months…have you ever wondered how healthy your pet’s mouth is? From examining your pet we can tell you, as well as giving you advice on oral health care you can do for your pet at home!





Weight Clinics

We are now offering weight clinics! Clinics will be held by a member of the nursing team and are completely FREE of charge! Your pet will be assessed by a member of the team to establish their current Body Condition Score. From that information we will then give ongoing advice and support including regular weight checks until they reach their target weight and then maintain it!






b2ap3_thumbnail_senior-clinic.jpgSenior Clinics

We are now offering Senior Clinics! Clinics will be held by a member of the nursing team and are completely FREE of charge! Certain changes may occur as your pet reaches senior years. These will be assessed and discussed at your appointment.

When is my pet considered a senior?

Dog: Small Breed (8 years +) Medium (7 years +) Large (6 years +) Giant (5 years +)

Cats: (10 years +)

 Call now - 01233 611071




How it works:

1. We will give you vouchers to give to your friends.
2. The voucher entitles them to £7.50 off any veterinary consultation or surgical procedure.
3. Each new client can only benefit from 1 voucher.
4. After the new client has paid (less £7.50) for their initial veterinary consultation or surgical procedure YOUR account with us will be credited with £7.50.
5. You can use this £7.50 anytime for ANY of our products & services except our discounted vaccine offer.
6. You will be credited £7.50 for EACH and EVERY new client you introduce that pays for a veterinary consultation or surgical procedure.
7. This discount cannot be used for new clients coming for routine VACCINATIONS as these are also currently on SPECIAL OFFER.
8. Voucher(s) can be collected from Eureka Veterinary Centre.
9. Please call us on 01233 611071 with any queries.

For further information or to collect your vouchers please visit Eureka Veterinary Centre.

Free Worming Offer

Dogs and cats very commonly get infested with fleas and we consider STRONGHOLD is the best product to treat and prevent this problem. It is the only anti-flea product that also passes into and treats the home environment to prevent the flea eggs and larvae from developing into adult fleas. This stops re-infestation. It is quick and easy to apply and is effective for 30 days. Stronghold is not affected by bathing and has an excellent safety profile for both pets and their owners. It also controls ear mites, mange (dogs), hookworms (cats), lice and most importantly, roundworms (which can cause illness and even blindness in humans).

SPECIAL OFFER FOR DOGS: With every 6 months supply of Stronghold purchased you will receive FREE tape-worm treatment.

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