dobermanpinschersf1Certain large and giant breed dogs over the age of two to three are at an increased risk of developing a heart disease called Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM).

If dogs can be diagnosed in the early stage of this disease, medication can significantly prolong healthy life but as dogs in this first phase of the disease appear outwardly normal, we can only diagnose dogs by performing specific tests to assess the heart.

Our screening programme is now available – one of our vets will thoroughly examine your dog, and take a BLOOD SAMPLE to run a specific HEART TEST.  This test measures the levels of a substance called pro-BNP, which is released into the blood stream when the heart muscle stretches excessively, such as in dogs with DCM.

dalmationThe breeds considered to be 'at risk' are DOBERMAN, GREAT DANE, IRISH WOLFHOUND, NEWFOUNDLAND, ST BERNARD, BOXER, DALMATIAN and PORTUGESE WATER DOG.  If you own one of these breeds we strongly recommend you arrange for their heart to be screened.

For a limited period the cost of the initial screening (Vet examination and Heart Blood Test) will be our usual consultation fee of £33.50 plus a 33% discounted Blood Test Fee £65.45 = Total £98.95.

This is a saving of £32.24. Please mention you have seen this article on the website to get the discount.

Please call us on 01233 611071 to arrange an appointment.

Go Kidneys

A brand new blood test has now become available that can detect chronic kidney disease much sooner than traditional blood tests.

Kidney disease is a very common condition in mature cats and dogs.  It usually develops gradually and the clinical signs tend to become apparent when the disease is in its advanced stage.

Most biochemistry screens have CREATININE and UREA as the kidney function parameters.

Only when 75% of the kidney is damaged does the creatinine show as above the normal level, which means the kidneys are in a poor state when it is first picked up on normal blood tests.

This NEW renal test, called SDMA, can identify chronic kidney disease (CKD) much earlier - on average, with only 40% loss of kidney function.

This is fantastic news for older cats and dogs, allowing us to intervene earlier in the disease process and potentially adding months or years to pets' lives.

One of the first signs to watch out for in kidney disease is increased thirst.  Later signs include weight loss, reduced or poor appetite, bad breath, urinating more often and lethargy.

The damage to kidneys is irreversible but it is possible to slow the progression of CKD.

With this new blood test we can manage the disease earlier improving life expectancy and quality.

CKD can occur even in young animals, particularly in cats, but is more common in older pets.  If you have a mature cat or dog (say over 7 years old) or your pet is showing any of the signs stated above, we suggest you consider the test.  You can call the surgery for further advice or to make an appointment.  The test is sent to our external laboratory and we will have the results within a few days.

We are offering this new test at a DISCOUNTED INTRODUCTORY PRICE for 30 days.

Discounted prices are: £59.75 as a stand alone test or £39.95 if done alongside other blood tests on the same day.

Normal prices, which will resume after 30 days, are: £69.94 as a stand alone test or £51.00 if done alongside other blood tests on the same day.