Vet Services in Ashford


We have a modern complete dental unit with a range of specialised dental instruments.  We offer highly efficient, professional and thorough dental treatment plans for your pets.




We are fully equipped for most surgical procedures.  Nicole our full time vet here at Eureka can do all the routine surgery and many procedures.  More complicated surgery can be done at our main branch, or one of our very experienced main branch vets can come here.



We have in-house modern X-ray equipment so can take X-rays at short notice whenever needed.



We have an ultrasound machine, enabling us to scan your pet when X-raying is not the best option or if we need extra images to help with diagnoses, giving us more information needed for offering the best  treatment plans for your pets.

It allows us to scan internal organs and soft tissues, compared to X-rays, which show us mainly bony areas and some of the denser tissue structures.


bloodpressureBlood Pressure Screening

Taking an animals blood pressure is a non-invasive and inexpensive procedure.  It is done in the same way as for people, with an inflatable cuff around a foreleg or the tail and usually takes around 5 minutes.

High blood pressure is common in dogs and especially in cats over 10 years old.  In most cases there will be no sign of the high blood pressure but it can affect the kidneys and heart and can lead to strokes.  It is particularly important to check in animals with heart, kidney or hyperthyroid disease, but we advise routine checks for any dog or cat over 10 years old.

If your pet does have high blood pressure it can easily be lowered with tasteless tablets.



Modern technology enables us to perform Electrocardiograms which are sent down a telephone line to a cardiac specialist, where he maps the readings and promptly sends us the results along with his comments and advice.


In-house Laboratory


bloodanalysisBlood Analysis

We have highly sophisticated blood analysis machines capable of giving us a full and detailed haematology, electrolytes, and complete biochemistry results, all from a very small quantity sample. Same-day results are available on most tests enabling prompt and efficient treatment plans for your pets.




Our microscope facility enables us to examine samples immediately giving us more accurate results from fresh samples.




We have additional equipment to test particular values in urine that are essential to help diagnose a variety of problems affecting the kidneys and bladder.